Brainard Chemicals

This video production’s goal was to produce video content and high-quality photography simultaneously. The approach was to shoot video of dynamic environmental portraits and working shots of all the company’s employees. Capturing video in 8k at 60 frames a second with my Red Weapon camera was ideal to create a high-quality vibe. To

Maintain the same level Of quality in my lighting, I used a Skypanel S60 with two LED Panels V mount. We visited 3 different manufacturing facilities in the following locations; Tulsa, Oklahoma, Tuttle, Oklahoma, Dunn North Carolina, and Danville, Illinois. In the edit, I would take screengrabs of all the 8k footage I shot of each person. At the last minute, the client had requested for me to compile all the video assets to produce a 3:30 minute 60th-anniversary presentation which is what I am sharing today.

we can look at photos or Hear stories but a Video draws us in to visit the past, present, and future; which to Me, Is what an anniversary is all about!

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